Olive X Press ~ Press Your Own Olive Oil

The first kitchen top olive oil press, the Olive X Press, by Stratus Investments was recently revealed at  the 2015 International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago, Illinois.
Olive X-Press is an electric kitchen top appliance that gives consumers the ability to make fresh, cold pressed olive oil in their own homes. The counter top unit requires 5 minutes of work to make up to 500ml of fresh olive oil from whole olives at at time.
“Off the shelf olive oil could be six months to two years old. Olive oil starts deteriorating and losing its health benefits from the day it is produced/bottled. Olive oil from the Olive X-Press is produced 'on demand' and is always made 100% pure and fresh,” said Joe Fairleigh, VP of Sales for Stratus Investments.

“Freshly made olive oil is only available during harvest time, which is about three months out of the year in the United States. Thanks to the Olive X-Press and our world patented olive preservation technology, consumers can enjoy freshly made, cold pressed olive oil year round” he said.
The oil extracting device comprises a hammer-shear olive milling grinder, a malaxation bowl for malaxation of milled olives having at least one opening; and at least one filter for separating malaxation solids from liquids and collecting oil.
The device was designed and engineered by Nir Padan, Yariv Gershony and Eric Turgeman from the Rehovot University in Tel Aviv, Israel.
"We are looking for the right manufacturing and distribution partner who can see the
unique potential of the unit and the recurring revenue stream for olives, similar to the coffee pod model”, Joe Fairleigh added.