Presentations from the AIFST 50th Anniversary Convention



The AIFST 50th Anniversary Convention was recently held in Sydney. The theme of the Convention was The Future of Food with over 65-speakers providing insights on the technology, science and innovation that will underpin the food industry for the next 50 years. With over 650 delegates attending the Convention during the two-day event, the 50th Anniversary Convention was one of AIFST's most successful annual events.
A prestigious line-up of speakers and sessions covered the consumer of the future, future technologies and innovations advancing the food industry, managing emerging threats and vulnerabilities, navigating the export and regulatory market, and insights into current scientific research that will underpin the next 50 years of the Australian food industry.
Presentations made available by speakers for viewing include :-

~ Health & Nutrition Insights Influencing the Future Consumer 

~ New Sensory Methods for Understanding Foreign Consumer Markets

~ National Food Safety Priorities – 2021

~ Harnessing Big Data – Technology Driving Innovation

~ Anti-Counterfeiting - Innovating to Keep Ahead of the Pack

~ Food Brands in China : An Appetite for Trade Mark Protection

~ Protecting Your Brands : The TACCP & VACCP Maze

~ Export Support for Australia’s Food and Agri Sector

~ How to Select a Market for Export

~ Validation Options for Anti-counterfeiting, e-Commerce and the Export Market Consumer

~ The Chinese Consumer - What are the Market Segment Opportunities?

Read these and more presentations here