6th ‘Extrascape’ Recognizes Outstanding Olive Oil Landscapes

The 6th edition of the competition for the best extra virgin olive oil landscapes, Extrascape 2017, concluded a two-day event that included several speeches by experts in the field.

On June 9 and 10, the evocative cloister of the Convent of Jesus and Mary in San Martino in Pensilis, in Molise, was the stage of the 6th edition of Extrascape, the international competition for the best “olive oil landscapes.” 
The association of producers Molisextra organized the event, and its members choose not participate in the competition, as impartial supervisors for the sessions of evaluation which covered both the organoleptic profiles and the aspect of the lands of origin of extra virgin olive oils, which reached Molise from several countries.

“We created this competition with the desire to reward not only the quality of product but also its landscape, intended as the producer’s commitment to safeguarding and thus protecting the territory,” said one of the organizers, Giorgio Tamaro.

“This aspect becomes an important expression of quality, as it is now evident that successful extra virgin olive oils always came from outstanding landscapes, both from Italy and from abroad, and this means a well-managed and respected environment,” Tamaro added. “Over the years, there has never been a dissonance between the winning olive oils and the pleasantness of their landscapes.”

The results of the contest were assessed by two boards respectively led by the panel leader Vitor Ugo Fratini, and by Achille Ippolito, the coordinator of an inter-university PhD course in landscape and environment design, management and planning at the Sapienza University of Rome. 

Thanks to the partnership between this doctorate and the master course in cultural landscape planning and promotion of the University of Molise coordinated by Luciano De Bonis, the first morning of the event was devoted to an articulate workshop on landscape-related topics. More