NIR Machine, Clements Orbital Centrifuge & Mini Olive Crusher plus Laboratory Equipment

Adelaide, SA 5000

Category  Laboratory

The system for testing Extra Virgin Olive oil and other industry applications, has 3 components:

1/ NIR Machine
As new NIR machine for testing peroxide and FFA values, easily recalibrated - accuracy continuously improves with use – gets better as you test more. Operating instructions, calibration and service procedures all documented.

2/ Orbital 325 Benchtop Centrifuge
The Clements Orbital 325 is designed for clinical and small laboratory centrifugation where uncomplicated analogue speed and digital timing control is required. The Orbital 325 is available with either a six place rotor for sealed tube carriers or an eight place rotor for open tube carriers.
• Functional Controls for easy and precise operation
• Accurate Digital Timer for precise timed operations
• Electric Lid Lock prevents accidental opening of the centrifuge while running
• Economical - provides basic centrifuge functions for standard requirements
• Aerosol Protection - aerosol sealed tube carriers (CEN 91517)

3/ Mini Olive Crusher
Mini Olive Crusher (extremely little use and good design) forms part of the test procedure. Advantage of on farm or lab system is also regular testing samples so you in know the optimum time for picking & processing where seasonal/other environmental factors are out of the norm/ inexperienced staff commence.

4/ A range of laboratory equipment.

All reasonable offers considered.

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