Major Catching Frame ~ Reliable, Efficient, Sturdy

The Olive Centre
74 Castle Road
Cabarlah, QLD 4352

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A PROVEN and RELIABLE olive harvesting aid in all major
growing areas around Australia. Collect your olives without damaging the fruit and keep them off the ground.

The Catcher Consists of
A frame of light-weight galvanized steel with wheels allowing
easy manoeuvrability by one person.

The catching net-hooked to the frame around the outside
. UV resistant - which means longer life
. Allows the fruit to breathe
. Gentle on falling fruit
. Reduces heat problems caused by using canvas/similar cloth

Operating the Catcher is Easy
Simply push the catcher under the olive tree and tilt forward so the catcher entrance slides around the main trunk and under the bottom branches - this ensures you are not losing any fruit.

For best use, the tree shape would have been pruned with the height of the catchers in mind.

You can reach the olives in the middle of the tree by simply unhooking the mat near you to move closer to the tree.

Available in 5m and 6m models (Diameter of the net)

The 5m frame stands around 80cm high, and the 6m frame about 1m.

Recommended for use with pneumatic or electric hand held harvesters.

Packed on pallet for transport - to be assembled by the user. Instructions provided.

Made in Australia
~ Designed and manufactured by The Olive Centre.

$2,494.00 – $2,610.00 (excludes GST and freight)

Order your catcher today as manufacturing can take up to 3 to 4 weeks if not in stock.

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